EU origin milk powder


A Symbol of European Quality

Exclusively produced in Poland, in the heart of the European Union, the Mami Lac product range exemplifies the highest standards of quality. Our ingredients, sourced only from trusted suppliers within the EU, undergo rigorous testing in our state-of-the-art laboratories before being used in production.

Our production facilities and processes are continuously monitored by authorities to ensure compliance with strict EU food safety and quality regulations, guaranteeing the safety and efficacy of our products.


Fresh Milk for Optimal Nutrition

Mami Lac's core ingredients, milk and whey, are always fresh. Our unique production process involves blending these ingredients in the ideal proportions, adding required nutrients, and then spray-drying the mixture into powder form. Only then do we incorporate auxiliary ingredients not suited for high-temperature processing.

As a result, the Mami Lac range:

  • Preserves the nutritional quality and quantity,
  • Contains easily digestible, non-deteriorated proteins with high bioavailability,
  • Offers excellent solubility and superior organoleptic qualities (taste, color, and smell),
  • Ensures homogeneous nutrient distribution for consistent quality.
Produced using fresh milk
Years of experience


Generations of Experience and Trust

With a long-standing history of supplying nourishing formulas to generations of children, Mami Lac's expertise and global presence inspire confidence and trust. Parents can rest assured that their little ones are receiving the safe, nutritionally complete formula they need to thrive.


Transparency at Your Fingertips

Our innovative Online Quality Inspection™ System offers parents a convenient way to verify the origin and quality of their Mami Lac products. As we take great pride in our products, we maintain complete transparency when it comes to their quality, giving parents peace of mind as they nurture their babies with Mami Lac infant formula.

Strong R&D and QA capabilities