EU origin milk powder


We represent European quality

The Mami Lac range is produced only in Poland, in the heart of the European Union. We use only EU-origin ingredients, purchased only at trusted sources. All the ingredients, including milk, are carefully tested at our laboratories before using them for production.

Our production facilities and processes are supervised by the authorities and must always comply with strict EU norms and food safety and quality regulations.


Produced from fresh milk

Milk and whey, the core ingredients which we use, are always fresh. We blend them together in appropriate proportion, add other required ingredients and only then spray dry into the powder form. Afterwards we add only auxiliary ingredients, which are not suited for high-temperature processing.

The Mami Lac range:

  • has always all the nutritional quality and quantity maintained,
  • contains easily digestible, not deteriorated proteins, which are highly bioavailable,
  • has good solubility and great organoleptic qualities (taste, colour, smell),
  • is homogeneus (the nutrients are uniformly distributed).
Produced using fresh milk
Geo-Poland has years of experience


Our experience

We have been supplying generations of children with our formulas.

No one would like to give their most precious baby into the hands of an unexperienced stranger. When choosing Mami Lac range, parents can are assured that through our years-long experience and wide, global presence, we know exactly what new-borns need and we supply them exactly this.

Mami Lac is always safe and nutritionally complete


Online Quality Inspection™ tool

Our absolutely unique Online Quality Inspection™ tool brings added value to parents feeding their baby with the Mami Lac formula. They can easily verify the origin of the Mami Lac product (its genuineness) and the quality.

We are proud of our products and have nothing to hide when it comes to their quality.

Strong R&D and QA capabilities